10 ways to book cheap flights to Zimbabwe

Whether you want to visit a family in Zimbabwe, attend a business meeting, or just take a break at Victoria Falls, you want to do it in the cheapest way, all of us will, but if you complete your homework, you may not Find cheap prices on flights to Zimbabwe.

Here are some tips to help you book cheap Zimbabwe Airlines and all other airlines flying to Zimbabwe:

1. Always make reservations through a reliable travel agent, not directly to airlines, as almost all airline travel agencies usually have the best price, whether it is Zimbabwe Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways or any other airline. the company. Another advantage is

2. Ask your agent if the date you requested is close to the start date of any off-season. For example, if you travel to Harare on Zimbabwe on Boxing Day, it will be cheaper than the 23rd trip. However, if you plan to travel around the second week of January, it is best to change the season on January 14.

3. If you are not sure when to return or travel for a long time, booking a two-way ticket at Zimbabwe Airlines will be much cheaper than a round-trip ticket.

4. If your agent says that all flights have been booked, ask them to choose an alternate route, especially via Johannesburg. You can take a cheap train to Johannesburg and then fly to Harare, or if you are really anxious, you can try to travel by bus. But let me warn you that this is a journey of nearly 14 hours, if you travel with your child, please do not choose.

5. Some airlines include a touchdown in their itinerary, but it won't show up on your itinerary. Don't worry about them, but if you like, ask your agent to provide you with the details.

6. Wrap the travel wisely. Before calling, please ask and carefully check the baggage allowance to confirm the flight before departure. Especially for Air Zim, because their luggage is not standard equipment throughout the year.

7. Don't be like the rumor that "I will get the same as I booked for £430." Ticket prices vary by various factors, and the timing and method of booking is one of the main factors.

8. Finally, spit out something directly from the mouth of the horse. People book flights at the beginning of this year, so please book early to get the best fare.

9. Installment payments are now getting more and more outdated, although you can try your luck during the off-season and try the same luck during the peak season to ensure that you end up paying more. Therefore, please try to make a full payment immediately after seeing the transaction.

10. When traveling with children, always choose Zimbabwe Airlines because they are the only direct flights to Harare, especially if you are the only adult in the group, as this can be troublesome for children and luggage.

There will be more next week…